To quell a rumor going around, The Maple Road Boyz are “NOT” repeat “NOT” moving their cruise from Clay Park Central on Wetzel Rd to Wegmans on RT57. It is not a swamp, the mosquitoes are not carrying people away, the town is not asking us to leave. We have a beautiful location with more room and grass than Nice N Easy. Here you can save a friend a space, erect your popup, arrive at anytime, and be guaranteed a good parking spot while helping to support the same 2 fine charities. If anyone has any questions at all please feel free to contact us and ask us directly instead of relying on vicious rumors. Now if it would only stop raining on Tuesdays all would be well!

Every Tuesday starting May 19th

@ Clay Central Park
(Wetzel Rd. Entrance)

Cruise Notification:

*Note: This only says Rained Out because that’s what the app is called. If the cruise is on or off a short blurb will appear that will include the date.*

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Phil with his family and their Mustang!

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