Cruise News

Finally, an announcement to answer all the calls and emails we’ve been getting. At 10:30 this morning the new Corp owners in Texas called Ron to let him know their decision is not to allow a cruise at NNE for legal and liability reasons. We can now say the MRB cruise will be moving to Clay Park Central 3 miles down the road. First cruise will be May 19. Everything will remain the same, our 2 charities,raffles, 50/50s and door prizes. We would like to thank NNE for the past 5 yrs and stay tuned here for further updates. More to follow and spread the word to all fellow cruisers. Thanks ,MRB.

Every Tuesday starting May 19th

@ Clay Central Park
(Wetzel Rd. Entrance)

Cruise Notification:

*Note: This only says Rained Out because that’s what the app is called. If the cruise is on or off a short blurb will appear that will include the date.*

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